delicious atrocities


3.16 & 3.17: delicatrocities @ Artists’ Television Access

After a little hiatus, delicatrocities returns to SF Cinematheque and Other Cinema this weekend. Both screenings take place at Artists’ Television Access. Stay tuned for April screenings at the Victoria Theatre…

Friday, March 16 @ 7:30pm
SF Cinematheque presents Jennifer Reeves’ When It Was Blue

Saturday, March 17 @ 8:30pm
Other Cinema presents Archive Fever with Rick Prelinger, with the book launch of Learning with the Lights Off: Educational Film in the United States

Artists’ Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA

Menu: Honey Crack’d Corn, Smoked Peanut Butter cookies, and Stout Brownies

menu: february 3-4 @ The Lab & ATA

delicatrocities will be on hand at the Lab Friday, February 3rd, for the opening reception of Head of the Table, an exhibit curated by Sean Bennett and Michael Ryan featuring the work of students and other collaborators with the late Steve Wilson, professor of Conceptual/Information Arts at San Francisco State University; also, at the SF Cinematheque screening featuring Andrew Lampert, in from New York, at Artists’ Television Access on Saturday, February 4th. The Friday event is free admission, and Saturday’s screening is $5 for SFC members, and $10 for non-members.

Please come out and say hello!

@ The Lab

friday, february 3  2012: 6-9pm
2948 16th Street
San Francisco

@Artists’ Television Access
saturday, february 4  2012: 7:30-10pm
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco


white chocolate cake with blood orange marmalade
honey crack’d corn
smoked peanut butter cookie
salted chocolate cookie
kaffir lime sugar cookie


indian-spiced cashews
cheese crackers

For orders or reservations, please email:

01.21.2012: delicatrocities @ Food Social

Hope everyone is adjusting nicely to 2012!

new year news: delicatrocities will be served at Food Social‘s January 21st event at Wix Lounge. As always, there will be something new on the menu; check back for additions & updates! advanced orders & reservations (there will be limited quantities!) can be placed by tuesday, january 17th at 10am via

delicatrocities @ Food Social
saturday, january 21  2012:  5-10pm
3169 22nd st 3rd floor (US Bank)
San Francisco

warm cardamom rice pudding
white chocolate cake with citrus
honey crack’d corn
assorted cookies & confections

indian-spiced cashews
cheese crackers
olive lavender sticks

menu: NYE @ The Victoria Theatre

delicatrocities @ The Victoria Theatre
new year’s eve
december 31  2011


honey crack’d corn
salted chocolate cookie
smoked peanut butter cookie
tropical macaroon
brutal brittle
chocolate caramel truffles


indian-spiced cashews
cheese nips
olive lavender cookie

happy holidays…

Lou Reed & John Cale, Christmas 1976

Happy Holidays from the delicatrocities workshop

Stay tuned for the New Year’s Eve menu at the Victoria Theatre!

Other Cinema Benefit Tonight!

hot off the press…

Limited Edition Other Cinema Conjoined Cardamom Twins!

Their bleeding eyes and gaping mouths…it’s only horror from watching too many hours of Korla Pandit at the organ. Please put them out of their misery tonight at the Other Cinema Benefit Celebration!

Artists’ Television Access
992 Valencia Street

Conjoined Cardamom Twins!

thanks & Other Cinema Benefit Celebration this Saturday!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Lab’s Holiday Art Sale last weekend; your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to all the delicatrocities elves who helped out…couldn’t do it without you!

NOW, for round two!

This Saturday, December 17th, is the OTHER CINEMA BENEFIT CELEBRATION at Artists’ Television Access Gallery. Like the Lab, Other Cinema has been around for about 27 years! It continues to be a bastion of underground and marginalized cinema; unparalleled in its inventive and cutting-edge programming from luminary Craig Baldwin, in addition to providing a much-needed oasis and lab for burgeoning filmmakers and film enthusiasts. There really is no place quite like it, and it needs to be celebrated and supported!!

delicatrocities will be on hand to supplement the festivities, with the majority of proceeds going to support Other Cinema and its Spring 2012 season. If you would like to reserve any items, or place an order in advance, please don’t hesitate to email: delicatrocities@

There will be a few alterations, and additions to the current Holiday Menu…stay tuned!

delicatrocities will also be on hand at the Victoria Theatre this Thursday through Saturday, whereupon I will madly rush over to the Other Cinema benefit…

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! If you would like to support Other Cinema with your assistance, I am looking for a volunteer to help with the delicatrocities effort, from 6:30pm-10pm on Saturday. You will be rewarded!

So please come out and show your support, and if you can’t make it, I encourage you to donate via their Kickstarter campaign.

Here’s the details:

On Sat. December 17th, ATA Gallery hosts a benefit celebration for its flagship programming project, Other Cinema. Grounding the gallery’s media arts exhibitions for some 27 years, OC will be feted by such long-standing collaborators as Anne McGuire & Wobbly, once again joining forces as the vocalist/electronics duo Freddy McGuire; Kerry Laitala & John Davis’ live-cinema phantasmagoria; Greta Snider’s new black and white experiment; Bryan Boyce’s hilarious video wizardry; Bill Daniel’s historic S8 bike messenger jamboree; Jeffrey Skoller’s tell-all tabloid on Baldwin in his younger days; Jesse Drew’s media surprise; Archimedia’s duet; Goldwave’s ever-awesome opticals over Blackmonk’s groovy tunes; and others. Friends, fans, and followers are encouraged to demonstrate their support, and have a jolly good time doing it, with delicious atrocities from delicatrocities!

Please also pledge your support for the Other Cinema Kickstarter campaign, for lots of great art prizes. New rewards are pending, so keep an eye out!

Showtime is 9PM. Admission is sliding-scale, from $6.66 to $99.99.

ATA Gallery 992 Valencia (@21st Street) San Francisco, CA 415-648-0654!/events/198892293530431/